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Easy to scale model

Build your network in your city that works 24/7 with minimum maintenance

Recurring income

Fast ROI because we solve a pain point! Get paid even you're sleeping

Cloud system

Track progress in real time! Work anywhere 365 days as you want it

Mobile apps for Users

The fastest way to launch

Get your ready-to-launch customized and branded power bank sharing app in 20 days


Customize 30+ parameters

Your city, your network, your language, your logo, your colours, your pricing, your rules and more.


Choose a station that fits your need

Add different types of stations in the same app easily. Start with a tabletop model , but want to add a tower station with display? No problem!

Powerful dashboard

Great dashboards are clear, interactive, and user-friendly

We enable informations at a glance through efficient data visualizations that will enable you to extract actionable insights, identify trends and patterns, and find improvement opportunities through a friendly online data analysis process.


Apps for your team

Create seamless team collaboration to get your team to deliver work 50% faster with our collaboration platform.

Manage your tasks,view your income and reply to user feedbacks all in one platform.

From your local cafe to malls

With our station, users can charge their electonic devices, anywhere, anytime, on-the-go, without having to leave their device behind or worry about cables. Our power bank rental offers freedom and convenience for people in cities and with ouor easy to accept payment methods like credit, debit card, apple pay, google pay, etc. Users are spoiled for choices.

Choose from our range of stations to fit your needs..

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