Bod A.K.A battery on demand

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User app

Our SaaS plugin App revolutionises how you’ll charge your phone forever. When you’re low on battery and you’re out & about, our app lets you locate, rent and charge on the go – just these three simple steps:

Scan the QR code – Scan the QR code on the station, add your credentials and confirm to start the rental.

Keep Going, Stay Connected – Insert cable to start charging!

Return the charger – Once you’ve used the charger it can be returned at any location across the Network**!


Operational team app

Our App enable the operations teams that are responsible for deploying and managing the hardware with little-to-no direct interaction with the management teams.

The best way to enable a sustainable self-service model and empower teams to work more efficiently together is by standardizing on the app that is in use. An app that are shared across  the business unit enable organizational unity and greater collaboration. In turn,  this reduces the friction and operations teams experience when sharing responsiibilities.

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Management dashboard

An easy-to-use control system that collects all the data about every rental and every customer. Manage operations from one place, track results and make changes on the go.

Stations & IoT

A great ‘Turnkey’ solution wouldn’t be completed without a reliable, tried and tested equipment.

Our vision is to build a sustainable urban swapping solution that meets all visual needs and safety requirements (Stardard International Safety Certifications inclusive). Simply put, our state-of-the-art hardware are connected to our cloud network with 4G connectivity to deliver seamlessly rental experience to our users.


Software and hardware integration is like fitting pieces of a puzzle together. As a market leader in the development of sharing platform for 5 years, we’ve helped solve the needs of our customers with end-to end capabilities. Ensuring real-time data access for everyone who needs it!

Our objective is to develop the fastest integrating platform bringing together various types of software and hardware sub-systems so that they create a unified single system. Our modular system will help quickly integrate payment, marketing promorion, self help and most verticals in the shortest possible time  to achieve launching your business.



Allow third party integrations easily with our rental software’s secure and open APIs to add more features.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs & enterprises globally. We believe in integrating businesss, technology & domain expertise to boost growth & maximize ROI.

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